We’re Happy to Recommend…

Happy to Recommend is simply a website we set up to blog about things that we are — happy to recommend! Of course this may well mean we have chosen to become affiliates for those products or services — which we assume that you will understand implies that we may receive a financial reward when a sale of a recommended product is made. However we do pledge not to recommend anything that we do not feel convinced is genuine and worthwhile — and generally we will not recommend anything that you cannot get a full refund for if there is any reason you are not entirely happy with your purchase. This approach, we feel, protects you if you should purchase something and then are dissatisfied — in which case we’d also like to hear back from you (via our contact form) to let us know your experiences and allow us to revise our recommendation or remove it completely! That will be a benefit to us all. Thanks very much.

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March 25, 2017